UK sends first IP attache to China


   On December 8, Parliamentary under Secretary of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills Baroness Wilcox announced the appointment of Tom Duke as the IP attache to China at the Sino-UK seminar on intellectual property in London. This is the first foreign IP representative stationed by UK.

 Duke once served as the chief for IP Center of EU Chamber of Commerce in Korea and is fluent in Chinese and other Asian languages. He has a degree in economics, and has studied the development of Chinese enterprises. Duke officially took office on December 14 and his office was located at the British Embassy in China. The office was set up to safeguard British business’ IP interests in China and to strengthen the relationship between the two governments. It was also part of the plan for strengthening the Sino-British trade and further releasing the growth potential of the British overseas interests. British industry welcomed the appointment of Duke. In view that the United States has established IP Commissioner in China long before, it is indeed necessary for the United Kingdom to establish the post at this moment.

 In addition, the British government plans to station IP attaches in other important trading partners of developing countries in the near future. According to news sources, India and Brazil will be the preferred countries after China.

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