takes action to protect copyright

On June 13, 2011, the litigation raised by against Shengshi Yangguang Media Co., Ltd. for copyright infringement was tried at Beijing Dongcheng District Court.

  In this trial, the network insisted that the defendant broadcasted in its website Chinese Art Network ( the brand-name programs produced by Art China Channel of without permission. Moreover, it added a large number of achievements for profits.

  The defendant said that China Art Network was not a profit-making site, and was registered by individual. It does not have any charging program. Since its establishment, it has not got any income. Therefore, the link will not cause any economic loss to the plaintiff, nor will it bring bad influence.

  The plaintiff provided evidence that the defendant operated two websites and, both of which were linked to infringing content. The two sites were registered by the same person and his company, indicating that the person and the company operate the infringing websites and bear the liabilities together.

  After court debate, even though the defendant admitted the violation acts, the two sides failed to reach agreement on the amount of compensation. Court adjourned the trial and would make judgment later.





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